Pre-construction guide

When we begin to build a house, we will be forced to take a number of actions related to its proper course. When we won’t make some paperwork or take the wrong decision, it will be related to difficulties in the construction or suspension, and almost generates additional costs. In order to avoid that we present some of the actions below that you cannot forget preparing to build a house:

1. The declaration of construction in the appropriate district office – appropriate, or in the district, in whose territory is land. The notification should include the construction project, and the document confirming ownership the plot.

2. Selection of a construction company. We can decide on one of several options of conducting construction works: in the economic system, which is such where we will do some work and take care of the purchase of materials; contractual system, which implies that we buy materials and at various stages of construction we will employ another subcontractors; system of a general contractor, we employ a single company and give in her hands the whole performance of the house, combining the purchase of materials.

3. The connection of electricity, gas, and sewerage – once at the stage of obtaining building permits was necessary promise, which provided that the plot will connect all of these media. Today, the promise is not necessary, however, when handing over the house to use the officials check if the building is connected to the media.