The laws related to projects and built houses

Deciding to buy a house project, or order its execution, we should be aware that not every plot we can be used for construction our dream house. Technical regulations strictly define the conditions for building a house.

Location of the house – legal provisions

By law, the house must be located at a distance of 3 m from the border, for the walls without openings, and 4 m if the walls have doors and windows. These conditions do not include certain elements of the house, which can be located closer to the border, among them: ledges, ramps, stairs, eaves, terraces, galleries and canopies over the entrance – all of these objects can be located at a distance of 1.5 m from the boundary plot.

The project house on a narrow plot of land – legal provisions

The law says, however, situations in which it is possible to build of house 1.5m distant from the border. The law permits such construction when the width of the plot does not exceed 16 m. It does not change other provisions – a project of such a house can provide a wall located less than 3 m from the edge of any openings. In other words, the wall can’t have either a door or a window.

Twin houses – legal provisions

Semi-detached house is the only form that allows the law to build a house “at the border”. The law permits to build of house on the border, provided that it is flush with one entire wall of the house on the adjacent plot.