Create their enclave of relaxation

When construction is completed, and decorated it’s time to take care of the garden. Surrounding every house immediately after the completion of construction work is usually destroyed, crushed and dug up, so create a perfect garden will take some time.

Step One: leveling the ground

Starting work on the garden you should level the ground, and to get rid of it stumps and roots and any accidental stones. On the one hand, we do it for the appearance, but also for practical reasons – it is much easier to mow the grass when the ground is equal.

Step two: Plant the grass

The starting point of any garden is grass, so it will start to plan the distribution of plants we should take care of the lush green lawn.

Step Three: interior

In the third step we should consider the style in what you want to decorate the garden. Otherwise, projects will look like Japanese gardens, otherwise English or glass. They also require a different kind of plants. We can also choose plants that we like, and around them to build our own concept of the garden.

Step four: gazebos and garden furniture

At the end to take care of our garden there are places where we can sit down and arrange a party with your friends.