On what we walk, ie the floors in of house

It’s what houses to choose depends largely on our budget and on the interior on what to choose. Any kind of the floor has its advantages and disadvantages. Below we present a solution, which recently are popular faced: 

3D tiles – these are the floor tiles and the wall, through which the 3D effect can create a bathroom space the bottom of the ocean or a seaside cliff. These plates are commonly used in bathrooms, toilets and bedrooms.

Parquet and panels imitating boards – recently in interior design can be observed a return to primitive forms of design, which is why more and more popular wooden floors, similar to those that can be found in the old huts.

Below we present interesting solutions associated with steps:

Wooden spiral staircases with slide – wooden stairs are one of the most chosen by the executors. An interesting solution is the staircase where the next ordinary degrees provided slides.

Stairs passing the shelves – it’s also an interesting solution, the stairs are embedded in the wall of the building, steps are shaped like hollow squares, which can serve as shelves.