Very often in the household sewage system crashes associated with clogged siphon. If you do not know how to deal with the problem, it does not make sense worsen the whole situation. The best idea is to call a plumber, which can be found on page

What is the function of the siphon?

Siphon is an element protecting against the ingress of gases from the sewer into the room.

– Water contained in the siphon can be drained but also evaporate.

– Building all kinds of sewage installations it is worth to remember to allow convenient access to siphon, because it can accumulate dirt and it will be necessary purification of it from time to time.

– You can prevent clogged of siphon using special nets capture any solid waste.

Cleanup siphon

Purification of the siphon is performed with a screw water. We should unscrews the siphon and remove from it any settlement. In another step the component is rinsed and re- assembled. It is important to check the tightness of the mounted siphon.