Fashionable styles in interior design

Each house should be designed and furnished to its owner feel comfortable in it and it is the first principle of interior design. However, even if the owners prioritize their needs often choose designs and style that are currently fashionable. Currently, they became popular two opposite to each other styles in interior design.

Apartment in the Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is characterized by simplicity. Furniture often stylized is made primitives methods. Wood floors are imitating the board. Style has two dominant colors: white and blue spaces like that to be clear, cold color. They should refer to simple forms that mimic objects made by hand. Frequent ornamental element in this case is glass; the details should be kept in blue shades.

The apartment in the style of glamour

Glamour style is the opposite of Scandinavian style. It is characterized by dark interiors, shining a large number of lamps, mirrors and gold-plated and silver-plated elements. Textiles used in this style are heavy, soft and pleasant to the touch. Furniture should be padded cushions. This style is based on pooling together of things that lack apparently doesn’t match. It can therefore be in the same room to meet modern geometric furnishings surrounded by antiques.