The boiler is a device in which water is heated by a heating element located in:

– In the tank.

– The water may also be heated by the central heating boiler.

– Another option is to heat the water by the fireplace with water heat exchanger.

– There are also other methods of heating, among other things, using solar panels.

Interestingly, the boilers can be powered not only with one source of heat but even a few. Such diversity is especially useful when the individual components of the system are beginning to fail. In the boiler they are installed electric heaters, which, unfortunately, from time to time are subject to failure. In such a situation it may be necessary to professional help from –

Repair of boiler

Repair of boiler usually takes place on the spot. Plumber lists a broken part and exchange them. Of course, any corrective actions are carried out on an element disconnected from the system and turned off the electricity.