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The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts and Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis have joined together to create the Contemporary-Pulitzer blog which, for the first time, combines the perspectives of two separate institutions with differing missions within the same blog.

Offering alternating posts each day from the Pulitzer and Contemporary, the blog provides a candid look at the behind-the-scenes workings of both arts organizations.

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Urban Wave Gets Rolling

Crown Village

Sean Thomas, the director of Old North Restoration Group, shows Urban Wave’s Regina Martinez and Chloe Bethany a building in Crown Village as a possible spot for a hand poster.

stylus is the Pulitzer’s first commission-based exhibition, and the new territory offers us a chance to closely merge our programming activities with the installation concepts through direct communication with the artist. In yesterday’s video, Lisa touched on collaborating with Ann Hamilton and Matthias to design programming that “amplifies” the installation and still practices social work. One program that emerged from their conversations is Urban Wave, a project with two students from Washington University’s Brown School of Social Work and two from the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts.

Urban Wave hopes to extend stylus‘s theme of “call and response” and to activate the installation outside of the building, as the sound from the bell speakers does. Over the next few weeks, its interdisciplinary team will paste more than thirty posters of stylus‘s image of a hand–the one seen on the projections, flyers and web catalogue–in various spaces in St. Louis, particularly in Old North.

“We’re in the phase of deciding sites based on input from people in the community,” says Regina Martinez, the Pulitzer’s current practicum student from the Brown School and a member of Urban Wave.

Last week, the Wash U students met with Claire Wolfe, Assistant Director of Urban Studio, and Sean Thomas, Executive Director of Old North St. Louis Restoration Group, for feedback on the poster plan and to ask what sites might work best. This week, they’re meeting with Holy Trinity Elementary School. After choosing sites based on conversations with people in Old North, Urban Wave will take photos of the sites, Photoshop hands to the photos, and send the mock-ups to Ann Hamilton for curatorial approval.

Urban Wave intends to invite neighborhood residents to be a part of the project. Claire Wolfe offered the Urban Studio Cafe as an information station on the posters and stylus. There, residents will be able to pick up cards with the phone number for the bell speakers and call back to stylus.

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